Monday 19 April 2010

Drive! - a novel by Andrew McCallum Crawford

Skepdek Publishing, 2010

ISBN 978-960-99296-0-8

Terry has everything. He's young, rich and handsome, and has the build of a champion athlete. Of course, he's also a hit with the ladies.

Perhaps it's no surprise that his father wants to destroy him.

Terry has to escape. He'd set his sights on merchant banking, but that's no longer an option. Should he run away and become an actor, or should he go for rock superstardom with Drive!? Surely he's not serious about flying helicopters?

He'd better make up his mind. Time is running out.

'Calvinist intolerance meets 1980s pub rock
meets the quest for the bottom line.
With Drive!, Andrew McCallum Crawford plays a stormer!'

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