Thursday 26 May 2011

from 'Musical Death Knell'

...there was a glitch, however. It had nothing to do with the music. It was something personal. Blind Lemon Sneddon had a cheeky wee face. Slappable. There was no getting away from it. When you saw his photo you wanted to scud his lug. Some people might have put this down to sour grapes on the part of disgruntled musicians, but even people who knew nothing about music reacted in this way to his picture. And there was something else that was beginning to annoy folk. Even though he’d only released two CDs, Blind Lemon was now regarded as a bit of a celebrity. Appearances on game shows, opening fetes; a 5-minute spot on Loose Women getting the piss ripped out of him for a fee. Someone made a joke that he had reached a point where he could fart into a microphone and sell the result. And that’s precisely what Blind Lemon did. It was called ‘Windsongs From My Sphincter’, produced by none other than Gruff Plangent, Edinburgh’s finest. It had sold a thousand copies in the first week, according to BluesNews.

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