Monday 16 May 2011

A Wee Guest Poem: Christie Williamson


Da answer phone's caald
unblinkin licht
accuses me o da crime
at darena spaek hit's nem.
"Look at de," hit seems ta say,
"fir aa dy thinkin, an runnin aroond
an rantin, an bellin desel at life
an gallavantin, du's come hem
ower laet, an dis truth
kin nivvir be erased.
Du haes nae new messages."

Christie Williamson is a poet originally from Yell in Shetland, now living in Glasgow. He writes in English and the language of Shetland, in between bringing up two small children and clinging on to a precarious position in the choppy waters of 21st century finance. His debut pamphlet, "Arc o Möns", was published by Hansel Co-operative Press in 2009.

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