Thursday 16 June 2011

Here's What Happened In Greece

It goes like this. Vote for me if you love your children. I'll fix them up with jobs in the civil service. I'll fix them. I'll make your dreams come true, because your dreams, the dreams you have as a parent, are for your children to be teachers or doctors. I'll fix it. There's only one thing, though. You will keep your mouth shut as I cream off the cash, buy land and build villas. This is the price I'm asking, but it's a small price, because I'll fix your children. Forget about all the other people who won't vote for me - there's nothing they can do. They will see me creaming off the cash and buying land and building villas, but by then it will be too late, because by then I will have most of the judiciary in my pocket. The people will be angry. They will stop paying taxes to the state - why should they support a state that is corrupt? They are not stupid. However, do not be afraid - they won't want to cause a fuss, because in a few years it will be their turn; they will vote for a man because they love their children, and he will take my place. It will be their turn, their children's turn. He will fix their children. He will fix them.

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