Thursday 19 January 2012

Interlitq - The International Literary Quarterly - 'Norwood Junction' by Andrew McCallum Crawford

I am so pleased to have this story in Interlitq.

Norwood Junction

They were in a pub south of the river. Well south. Almost Croydon. Danny was staying at his sister’s for Christmas. A family reunion. What a joke. He brought over two pints of Guinness and sat down.

His father wasted no time getting to the point. ‘So what’s yer intentions?’ he said.

The beer was warm. South London. What did you expect? He’d expected his dad to show a bit of interest, that’s what. Danny had been away for a year. More than a year. There was no interest, however. There was no Tell me what it’s like living in Greece. How’s the job? Are they paying you? Are you getting by all right? Maybe he hadn’t asked because he knew the answer. Maybe he didn’t care. Danny wasn’t getting by. The ticket had cost a month’s wages. He didn’t know where the January rent was coming from. ‘What do you mean, what’re my intentions?’ he said.

You can read the whole story on Interlitq here.

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