Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Lovers on Wee Fictions - Roberta Gould

The Fun of It

Having the zest of desire thwarted
she throws a ripe pear to the ceiling
which splatters only a bit
and does not drip 
causing her one and a half
night stand
to righteously rise from the bed
and leave as if baby were dirty
or born with less than a brain 
and thrashing around 
just for the  fun of it

*     *     *

Roberta Gould's 10th book, Invisible Mountain, Woven Thunder, is out as a manuscript. Her previous books include Louder than Seeds, Pacing the Wind, Not By Blood Alone, Only Rock and In Houses with Ladders. Her work has appeared in many  poetry magazines. More information and poems can be found on her website: She blogs at

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