Sunday 12 August 2012

Fringe Month - Angus Shoor Caan

Intae Care.

Tinker, Sailor, Sodjer, Thief
Ye’d fun thum a’ doon the dokes it Leith
Bit ye widnae take yer weans doon there
The polis wid pit thum intae care
an’ sen’ thum sumwhere remote, lik’ Crieff.

*     *     *

Angus Shoor Caan. Sixty years of age. Born and raised on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, left school at fifteen and had a brief fling with the east coast before setting off on my travels worldwide via various ships of the Merchant Navy fleet. Saw a bit of the world with that, my only real regret being I didn't ever think to take a camera with me. Started writing six years ago when I returned to the homeland and now, having just completed Zachary Bleu, a Western, have ten novels to my name with three of them published. Also, a good number of short stories as featured in McStorytellers, two themed poetry collections and over one hundred miscellaneous odes. The published novels are Scoosh, The Reader and Violet Hiccup. Previously I had another two published as eBooks, Dhu Lally and the Bampots and Larry Kynn (A case study in misadventure) but the site folded before it could get going properly.
Happy to preview and discuss any or all of my scribblings with anyone interested.

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