Tuesday 26 March 2013

Bang, You're Dead published in B O D Y

Well pleased to have another story - Bang, You're Dead -  in the excellent literary journal, B O D Y (Czech Republic).

It was Sunday, the day before I left. I was sitting in the yard. There was nothing else to do. My brother-in-law’s children were running around like mice, out of control. He shouted at them as he cleaned his shotgun. He was a hunter. He had all the kit, the camouflage gear, the cartridge belt, the boots, everything. He hated me. It wasn’t just that I disagreed with his hobby, or that I wrote books, or that I was foreign. His big problem was that I couldn’t give his sister a kid. I wasn’t a man, in his eyes. Not just in his. People talk. They were talking so much I had started to believe them.

You can read the complete storhere.

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