Thursday 13 June 2013

Greece - Speech by Alexis Tsipras, 13/6/2013

Excerpts from speech by leader of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, just broadcast by ERT:

'Who would have thought that in 2013 we would experience the gagging of state television?'

'The way they are going, they will take our homes - or rather, the banks will take them.'

'From now on, they will gag whoever disagrees with them.'

'They've silenced the voice of Greece. They've silenced our culture.'

'We've never experienced a dictatorship, but we're experiencing something similar.'

'They told Colonel Stournaras [Minister of Finance] to turn off the signal.'

'Colonel Stournaras ordered the closure of TV stations that relay the ERT signal.'

'After this, there isn't one TV station that won't want to relay the signal.'

'This is not 1967. It is 2013.'

'This is not the end of public television. This is the end of Samaras.'

'Mr Samaras - this is the end of nepotism, of cronyism.'

'There is a real Greece - where people want jobs, where there is culture, where people want to live with dignity.'

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