Tuesday 17 September 2013

From Oh, Freedom

She gave me money, just like every Friday. She did it without a word, as if it was - what do you call it - a transaction, as if she was buying something. It had nothing to do with pity, or love. She wanted me out of the house so her friends could come round, eyeliner this time, they were bringing samples. Eleftheria was in a buying mood. She called Fridays "Ladies' Night", arranged over the internet, the kids had already been packed off to their granny's. I said nothing. Things had been tight since I got laid off. The factory closed with two weeks notice, no redundancy. And now that my stamps had run out there was no dole. We were living off the pension her father got. I couldn't complain about her spending money on makeup, not when she'd just subbed me.

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