Monday 6 December 2010


And here's your starter for ten. How does the Dux of the school end up in the white slave trade?

Ah, old Bamber, God love 'im. One of those bastions of TV quiz shows who fell by the wayside as the years progressed. Bit after my time, though, his demise, I mean. My trusty Guardian informed me that he was replaced by none other than Jeremy Paxman, and what do we know about him? Newsnight? Giving politicians a hard time? If the truth be out, and it soon will be, I couldn't really tell you. I'd already fled the country by the time he was elevated to the status of Quizmaster, albeit on a show whose audience is in a constant state of bafflement. Which raises the question - why do they watch it? I'm all for audience participation. Well, I would be. I'm a teacher. Or was, until I came across this little earner. But what's the point? 'Sulphate compounds carry how many oxygen atoms?' Who cares? I mean, it's even worse than the specialist round on Mastermind.

The truth has to be faced. University Challenge was one of the essential low points in the series of events that led me to...well, here.

Let me explain.

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