Friday 9 December 2011

A Wee Guest Poem: Marion McCready

The Rest and Be Thankful

On The Rest we lie
back on tarmac eyeing up
the winter sky: Pleiades, Plough, Orion.
Drive. The Milky Way suspends
above the hollow glen, high
high up the Drover’s Road. Bend
into its curves, take no thought for the morrow
just drive. The highway kneels before us,
the windscreen is riddled with galaxies
strewn across the rotunda night.
Tonight there is no loch, no Firth of Clyde
smack into a beach wall, just a pumpkin moon
and the Glasgow road carved from a mountainside.

(First published in Poetry Scotland and The Glasgow Herald)

*     *     *

Marion McCready lives in Dunoon, Argyll. Her poems have appeared in a variety of publications including The Edinburgh Review, Northwords Now and The Glasgow Herald. Calder Wood Press published her pamphlet collection Vintage Sea earlier this year. Marion blogs about poetry here -


  1. Beautiful writing. I love the sound effects of Marion's work.

  2. "... the windscreen is riddled with galaxies..."

    Aye, Marion's got it.