Wednesday 15 February 2012

The Next Stop Is Croy and other stories - Andrew McCallum Crawford

A series of six short stories about the complex relationship between a son and his father.


The stories in this collection were not written in the order in which they appear here; they certainly were not conceived as part of a continuous narrative. However, I have decided to bring them together because of the chronology and themes which, it turns out, run through them. Please bear in mind that this is in no way a novella or novelette. It is a collection of short stories, and each story stands or falls on its own, as short stories must.


 A beautifully written portrayal of things felt but not said. - Carol McKay

Andrew's new collection is like finding a flower sprouting out of cracked concrete - it's unexpected and he's yet little known.......eminently readable. - Steve Alker

There are no great tragic outpourings; tragedy is a very personal experience, marked by memories of seemingly trivial things......But, when recollected, they have the resonance of major life events, signifying much more than their surface suggests. The stories convey the fragmentation of life, its refusal to cohere into a constant flow, the power of memories and the helplessness we feel before them. - Bill Kirton

I've had the honour of publishing other works by Andrew McCallum Crawford and I hope that you seize the opportunity to read this moving collection of stories. - Amy Burns

The book is available for purchase here and here.

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