Tuesday 27 March 2012

Drive! - free on Kindle

My first novel, Drive!, is available as a free download on Amazon for a few days. Do take advantage of the offer - you're more than welcome!

From the reviews:

'McCallum Crawford's debut novel is a Rabelaisian page-turner populated by the freakish, the devious, the deluded and the downright dirty...plot twists that make for a thrilling roller-coaster ride as our Hero works through his issues with the help of a rock band and some explosives.'

 '...a nostalgic read for those of us of a certain age - the 80s wonderfully evoked, with story and dialogue somewhere between David Lodge and Irvine Welsh but a style and wit all of his own. Brash, flash and thoroughly entertaining. Recommended!'

'... a veritable cornucopia of action, humour and some great observational passages. This isn't just black humour, it is black hole humour; but you will laugh as oblivion beckons!'

 The book can be downloaded on Amazon co uk and Amazon com.

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