Monday 25 June 2012

The Next Stop Is Croy and Drive! - free on Kindle

Both of these books are available free for a few days. Do take the chance to download them to your Kindle, PC, iPad, Android, etc.

The Next Stop Is Croy and other stories  - "An excellent introduction to the work of Andrew McCallum Crawford. These six short stories follow main character Alan from boyhood to manhood and from tender to tough. Not physically tough, but emotionally. Scottish fiction has a reputation for showing men as dour and emotionally repressed. Did that die with the death of heavy industry? This collection suggests not. Crawford's character experiences the widest possible emotional range in the course of these stories; his difficulty lies in being able to express it. That certainly can't be said for the author. A beautifully written portrayal of things felt but not said."

Drive!  - "...McCallum Crawford's debut novel is a Rabelaisian page-turner populated by the freakish, the devious, the deluded and the downright dirty...larger than life characters prey upon weakness; exploit, screw and maim each other with gleeful abandon....the author keeps us guessing, suspending motivation for reportage, laying hooks and plot twists that make for a thrilling roller- coaster ride as our Hero works through his issues with the help of a rock band and some explosives."

Please remember that the books are available from all Amazon sites.

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