Thursday 30 August 2012

Fringe Month - Neil Williamson

Between Shows

A red feather, jammed in a spotlight hinge high in the darkness. A crimson curl, shivering when the cleaner vacuums below. A ghost of brighter times.
    How did it get there? Maybe a gift left by a secret visitor, some rara avis out of Wonderland? No, it flew itself to these heights, buoyed by laughter and applause, buoyed again by impossible magic, by the rising heat of allure, up and up until, like a scarlet moth, it alighted.
    It shivers again, but does not fall, yet. One August day, soon, you will return. Find a red feather on an empty stage. And begin the carnival once again.

*     *     *

Neil Williamson's award nominated short stories are collected in The Ephemera (Elastic Press, 2006 / Infinity Plus Books, 2011). Neil also forms part of a strange cabaret duet called Markee de Saw & Bert Finkle. They can be found at the Edinburgh Fringe, if you look hard enough.

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