Sunday 25 November 2012

We All Have Stories To Tell

We all have stories to tell. All of us. Of course we do, and each of us possesses language to a certain degree. I know I do. I recently passed my Greek exam. I could tell you the mark, but I won't. I am fully aware that I couldn't - can't - write my stories in Greek. I wish I could. As a Scot, English is my native tongue. This is something I share with other Scots, obviously. Writing takes practice. Years of it, just like any craft. A story is not merely the record of a chain of events. There has to be something more. There has to be some meaning. There has to be a quest for that meaning. So write your stories. Write them again. And again. Write them better. Find your meaning. Stories are not diary entries. They are certainly not the memories of shopping lists.

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