Monday 22 April 2013

Greek As A Foreign Language published in McStorytellers

Greek As A Foreign Language

Hamish McColl, a teacher of English, was pacing the floor of an eye surgeon’s waiting room. A uniformed police Sergeant was staring at him. He had been staring at him for the last five minutes. Hamish approached the Ouzo 12 barometer that was screwed to the wall. He tapped the glass with a fingernail, then tutted to himself. You only did that when you were interested in air pressure. The dial below it, the thermometer, read 36C.
He turned.
The Sergeant was still watching. ‘It’s hot for April,’ he said.
Hamish took a moment. He wanted to come up with something relaxed, something witty and assured, but he was too slow.
‘What’s wrong?’ said the Sergeant. ‘Did you swallow your tongue?’

*     *     *

You can read the entire story on the McStorytellers site. 


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