Wednesday 27 April 2011

A Wee Guest Poem: Jim Murdoch

Empty Days

Larkin was right…
about so many things.
So why did I expect
more from my days?
I saw myself
sitting astride my life
trying to cram in one
last something

before I got
the ruddy thing shut.

But I'm going
nowhere so there's no need
to fret about what to
take and what not.
I try to tell
myself that quality's
the main thing. I just hoped
for something...else

before the dust
finally settled.

Jim Murdoch is a Scottish writer living just outside Glasgow. His poetry appeared regularly in small press magazines during the seventies and eighties. In the nineties he turned to prose-writing and has now completed five novels, two of which have been published and a third is due out later this year. In July 2010 he published a collection of poetry, This Is Not About What You Think.


  1. Lovely to see the poem up, Andrew. I'll add a link to my blog.

  2. Any friend of Jim Murdoch is a friend of mine, Andrew. I'm delighted to meet you and to read Jim's poem here. I shall be back to read more of your work and whoever else's work you see fit to include. Thanks.